ACCC® Hardware is Key to Safety & Reliability

Written by Dave Bryant

November 2, 2021

CTC Global’s ACCC® dead-ends and splices, produced in association with 11 qualified and authorized manufacturing partners, use an innovative stainless steel collet system that grips the core without crushing it or imparting excessive stress that can sever the core when using compression core grip designs. Unlike steel or aluminum that will plastically deform and yield when compressed, composite cores do not. The ACCC Collet design also accommodates core elasticity without causing stress concentration at the entrance to the collet housing which is where other designs fall short.

With well over one million ACCC collet devices deployed to more than 1,000 projects in 60 countries, there has never been a single reported failure. Dead-ends and splices are critical system components – the importance of which cannot be understated. Please check out the animated video below to learn more or send an email to [email protected]

Link to animated video CLICK HERE

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