CTC Global Corporation ACCC® Trademark Policy

Effective as of 31 October 2019

CTC Global Corporation’s (“CTC”) ACCC® Brand represents innovative and high-quality products and services recognized all over the world. Our ACCC® Trademark helps us, our Affiliates, and our Authorized Manufacturing and Distribution Partners to distinguish our products and services from others. CTC therefore protects its trademark diligently. Consequently, this very important CTC asset must be used properly and consistently, and this ACCC® Trademark Policy (Policy) is designed to help you do that.

The ACCC® Trademark
The ACCC®  Trademark represents a line of conductors, the composite core used in the production of the conductor, as well as accessories used for installation of the conductor, and services offered in relation to the installation and maintenance of the conductor. Only conductors made by CTC’s Authorized Manufacturing Partners may be referred to as ACCC®  Conductors.

Acknowledgement line:
Whenever the ACCC®  Name or Logo appears, the following footnote must also appear: “ACCC®  is a registered trademark of CTC Global Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.”

Whenever used in connection with licensed products offered for sale, the following footnote must also appear: “ACCC®  Conductors are manufactured under license from CTC Global Corporation, in accordance with its technical requirements and specifications.” 

Policy for Proper Trademark Usage
The ACCC® Trademark is an adjective and should not be used as a noun. Proper nouns which ACCC® may precede include: Core, Conductor, Accessories, Hardware, Logo, Mark, Trademark, Brand, Services, and Name.

The ® symbol is the proper trademark for ACCC and should be written as superscript to the right and above the name or logo. (e.g., ACCC® Core). When used in articles or documents use the ® symbol in the headline and or first prominent use, as well as the first appearance in the body or text. Always use the ® for product specifications, descriptions, or anything that could be used independently such as data sheets, graphs and charts.

Always – capitalize the noun that ACCC® precedes. (e.g., ACCC® Conductor)

Always – write ACCC® in all capital letters with no space between the letters.

Do Not – use ACCC® as an acronym for Aluminum Conductor Composite Core. The ACCC® Brand is not an acronym and using ACCC® as an acronym for Aluminum Conductor Composite Core is an improper usage of ACCC® that infringes on the ACCC® Registered Trademark. Never write Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC), or vice versa.

Although the ACCC® Conductor may fit under several different categories of conductors, the proper way to describe the family of conductors to which the ACCC®Conductor belongs to is the Advanced or High-Performance conductors.

Do Not – write ACCC® as “A triple C”, “A3C”, “AC3” or in any other variation of letters and numbers.

Do Not – use the ACCC® Name or logo in any way that is likely to cause confusion as to the origin of the product or service.

Do Not – use the ACCC® Name or logo without the written permission of CTC.

Do Not – use the ACCC® Trademark or name in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of the ACCC® Brand and/or CTC.

In letters, memos, magazine articles, press releases, white papers, advertising, brochures, slides, videos, or other multimedia presentations, use the proper mark (®) in the headline and or first prominent use, as well as first appearance in the body or text.

In annual and quarterly reports, books, technical specifications, and documentation use the proper mark (®) in the Table of Contents, in the headline and on first appearance in the body or text.

The ACCC® Logo or name shall not be used in any way that implies that there is an affiliation between you, CTC and ACCC® without prior written permission. Third parties with permission from CTC to use the ACCC® Trademark may use the mark where it is appropriate and shall do so in compliance with this Policy as well as any license or usage requirements of specific marks.

This ACCC® Trademark Policy is intended to convey general information and not to provide legal advice or opinions, and should not be construed as, or relied upon as such. Questions regarding your legal rights and obligations should be sought from your own attorney. For other questions regarding the ACCC® Trademark Policy or other CTC Trademarks please contact [email protected]

CTC Global Corporation reserves the right to change this ACCC® Trademark Policy at any time. To ensure compliance with it, this ACCC® Trademark Policy should be reviewed periodically.

Copyright© 2019 CTC Global Corporation 2026 McGaw Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614. All Rights Reserved.


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