Technical Support

Put our smarts to work for you

We offer technical support to assist you with conductor selection, line optimization, and economic and environmental analysis. Our experience in supporting the selection of ACCC® Conductor for well over 1,000 projects in more than 60 countries has given us a tremendous database of information that we can draw from in projecting the needs, challenges, and solutions related to your project.

We’re all about the details

CTC Global’s engineering staff can address electrical and mechanical questions, perform conductor comparisons, assist with PLS CADD™, Sag10™, CCP™ or other software design programs, and address other questions that relate to the conductor, ancillary hardware, or project economics.

Help us help you with a specific project

Please download and fill out the CTC Global Project Questionnaire, then email it back to us at [email protected] to provide more specific project information to help our engineers help you with a specific project.


CTC Global technical support
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