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The CTC Global Technology that  we use, develops, tests, and commercializes the ACCC® Conductor and ancillary hardware components that improves the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the electric power grid. The CTC Global Technology provides ACCC Conductor that is based on advanced composite technology initially developed for aerospace and other highly-demanding applications where superior performance and longevity are mission critical. The ACCC Conductor uses a high-strength composite core consisting of carbon and glass fibers embedded in a toughened thermoset resin matrix. CTC Global holds numerous U.S. and other international patents for its technology including the ACCC Conductor, the ACCC Composite Core, ACCC Conductor Hardware components and methods of manufacturing. CTC Global’s technical team continue to raise the performance bar to provide its customers with the most advanced and cost effective overhead conductor solutions available.


CTC Global Technology
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