ACCC® AZR Conductor

ACCC®  AZR Conductor – Expanding the capabilities of the ACCC®  Conductor using aluminum zirconium alloy

ACCC® AZR Conductor uses either the standard 310 ksi core or the higher strength 375 ksi core that is then wrapped with one or more layers of a high strength, thermal resistant aluminum-zirconium alloy. While conventional ACCC® Conductors typically use fully annealed aluminum to maximize conductivity, the ACCC® AZR Conductor offers nearly the same efficiency, but far greater overall strength. The added strength and increased tensile modulus mitigates conductor sag under heavy wind or ice loads, or very long spans.

Critical European Interconnector Energized Using ACCC® Conductor

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The Importance of the ASTM B-987 Standard for Carbon Fiber Core Conductors

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Reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor Offers Major Benefits

Did you know that by using ACCC® Conductor a utility can increase the power and the efficiency of a power line by replacing the wires on...

In Another Major Advancement of Conductor Technology, CTC Global has launched the ACCC InfoCore™ System

The ACCC InfoCore™ System reduces real-world conductor installation risk experienced by utilities, contractors and lineman across...

EPRI Successfully Completes 1,500 Thermo-Mechanical Cycle Test of ACCC Conductor and Hardware

For those of you that are interested, but didn’t see this sooner, EPRI completed their 1,500 thermo-mechanical cycle test of CTC Global's...
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