ACCC InfoCore® System

Proven solution that reduces real-world conductor installation risk experienced by utilities and confirms a successful installation in minutes
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Conductor Integrity from Factory to Field

The ACCC InfoCore® System reduces real-world conductor installation risk experienced by utilities, contractors and linemen across the globe. These dedicated professionals know that even with the best tools, equipment and field conditions, accidents can happen. By using a proprietary infrared light system, special fibers in the core, and a robust data-capture and recording methodology, the ACCC InfoCore® System can confirm the integrity of the conductor in minutes. While not mandatory for every installation, this capability serves to improve reliability and confidence. The system is capable of confirming very long continuous spans and is currently being utilized globally.

How it Works

The process begins by accessing the conductor at each end, prepping the core ends using tools provided in the ACCC InfoCore® Confirmation Kit.

  • Transmitter is attached to one end of the ACCC® Conductor.
  • Receiver is attached to the other end.
  • Controller receives, reviews and records the results.
  • Core prep generally takes less than five minutes and the receiver confirms a successful installation in seconds.

Safe, Simple and Fast

CTC Global’s ACCC InfoCore® System makes confirming successful conductor installation safe, simple and fast. Alternate methods include CT Scan, X-ray inspection, and magnetic pulse technology but these devices are very slow and expensive.

This System is commercially available and has been deployed to a number of sites worldwide. It is noteworthy that there is no performance difference between ACCC® Conductor and InfoCore® certified ACCC® Conductor. ACCC InfoCore® Field Verification Kits are easy to use, and available through CTC Global’s Master Installers network.

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Leaders in Composite Core

ACCC InfoCore® System is a proven solution backed by unparalleled lab and field experience

After nearly 70 years in service, the capacity of the Fort Augustus Fort William line was doubled.

SSEN Transmission’s Fort Augustus to Fort William 132 kV OHL ACCC® Conductor project to increase capacity of the line from 89 MVA to 198 MVA. Building a new line was not possible given the urgency. Using the high capacity, low-sag ACCC® Conductor allowed SSEN to reuse 97% of the existing structures.

Installed 395km of ACCC Arlington on 380kV line in NE Belgium.

Upgraded transmission interconnection between Belgium and Germany/ The Netherlands in 2021 – Elia MMVE project. The ACCC InfoCore® System was successfully deployed on this high tempo project.

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