ACCC InfoCore® System

Proven solution that enables quick confirmation of conductor integrity before, during, and after installation
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Quick, Convenient Assessment

The ACCC InfoCore® System utilizes an infrared light system, fiber optics, and a robust data-capture technology to quickly and easily confirm the ACCC® Conductor’s integrity in minutes, providing peace of mind to utilities, contractors, and linemen during the handling and installation of the ACCC® Conductor and beyond.

InfoCore® Certified ACCC Core & Hardware

InfoCore® Certified ACCC Core & Hardware

The InfoCore® Certified ACCC core (with embedded fiber optics), used with the ACCC InfoCore® Hardware enables confirmation of core integrity at any point

Confirmation Kit

Confirmation Kit

The Confirmation Kit includes a cut and polish tool, transmitting and receiving devices, and a control pad to capture core images

InfoCore Cloud Software

InfoCore Cloud Software

The InfoCore Cloud allows users to view data, manage multiple projects, and create reports anytime and anywhere

Conductor Verification Made Simple

  • Prepare
    Cut, polish, and clean the ends of the core to prepare for inspection
  • Inspect
    Attach transmitting and receiving devices to both ends of the core and initiate
    inspection from control pad
  • Evaluate
    Review and evaluate the image via the control pad
  • Upload
    Upload the visual data to the InfoCore® Cloud Software for review and reporting

Peace-of-Mind Anytime

Unlike traditional powerline inspection methods, the ACCC InfoCore® System offers a quick and convenient way for utilities to assess powerline condition, eliminating the need for costly, unsafe, and time-consuming inspections. With the ability to evaluate conductor integrity promptly, utilities can identify and prioritize repairs, preventing costly outages, especially after severe weather events or suspected physical damage.


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