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February 2023

Why Choose CTC Global; Critical European ACCC Interconnector Energized; NASO: NARUC, Elecrama

January 2023

CTC Global Celebrates 20 years of Success; InfoCore Update; PGCB Completes Padma River Crossing

December 2022

118 ACCC Installations Completed this year; Dashiell Completes ACCC Project in Texas; CTC & ENICAB Announce Partnership

November 2022

WIRES Panel Session; 220 kV ACCC Case Study; NARUC Meeting; 175 ACCC® Conductor Installations Underway / In the Queue!

October 2022

CTC Global participates at NASEO Conference; CTC Global offers exceptional installation support; Grid Forward Conference

September 2022

ACCC Conductor helps achieve Sustainability Goals, PLN Completes ACCC Installation in Bali, Have you used ACCC Conductor?

August 2022

CTC Global at Cigre; IRA signed into Law; Ande Completes New ACCC Transmission Projects in Paraguay

July 2022

Grid Decarbonization & Modernization; US Grid Efficiency; House Passes Resiliency Act; KEPCO Reconductor Project

June 2022

US Infrastructure Bill; SCE Uses ACCC for Rebuild Project; CTC Global Lab Receives ISO/IEC Accreditation

May 2022

CTC Global Opens 4th Core Manufacturing Plant; ACCC Presented at Netzbau Conference; GED Completes 5th 33 kV Project

April 2022

IEEE Conference and Exposition; Grid Forward Conference; SCE Completes 66 kV ACCC Reconductor Project in California

March 2022

Grid Strategies Report; Advanced Grid Technologies; Pakistan Cables Delivers ACCC to MEPCO

February 2022

NARUC Meeting; PGCB Completes ACCC Installation in Jamalpur, Bangladesh

January 2022

Grid Decarbonization; Bipartisan Infrastructure Law; SCE Completes ACCC Installation

December 2021

Happy New Year

November 2021

T&D World ACCC Case Studies; PGCB Major Story; Important US Policy Update

October 2021

Role of ACCC in Decarbonization of the Grid; TenneT ACCC Reconductoring Project; ACCC Hardware is Key to Grid Reliability 

September 2021

CTC Global is your #1 Solution Provider; InfoCore System – Confidence Verified; 138 kV ACCC Reconductor Project in the U.S.

August 2021

Importance of ASTM B-987; Reduce wildfire risk; Bhutan Power Corporation

July 2021

Montana PSC Opens Efficiency Docket; ACCC Installation in Viet Nam; ACCC Installation in Sumatra

June 2021

ACCC & Sustainability; Enmax Completes ACCC Installation in Canada; PSTCL Completes Installation in Punjab; Line Upgrade in Luxembourg with ACCC InfoCore System

May 2021

Sustainability Goals; Elia Continues to Deploy ACCC InfoCore System; ENEL Completes ACCC Upgrade; ETED Installs ACCC Conductor in Dominican Republic

April 2021

ACCC Conductor Selected for More Than 1,000 Projects; Cubico Upgrades Solem II Solar PV Tie Line; ACCC Selected for New Line Projects

March 2021

Tatarstan ACCC Upgrade in Russia; PGCB Completes 400 kV Installation in Bangladesh; NEA Completes 2nd ACCC Installation in Nepal

February 2021

EDP Completes 7th ACCC Installation; SSE Wins Project of the Year Award; ACCC Conductor Making a Smart Grid Smarter

January 2021

1st ACCC Project completed in Nepal; SCE upgrades Big Creek Corridor; ACCC Combats climate change

December 2020

NEPCO Installs ACCC in Jordan; Taipower installs ACCC in Taiwan; William Allen Becomes Newest ACCC Master Installer

November 2020

Gupta Completes Project for OPTCL; Pampa Energia Completes ACCC Reconductoring Project; Brookfield Long Span

October 2020

California Energy Summit; ACCC Conductor Installed by NTP Vietnam; COPEL Begins ACCC Installation in Brazil

September 2020

Energy Efficient Conductors; EDP Completes 5th ACCC Installation; Bihar State Power Upgrades Grid with ACCC

August 2020

ASTM Update; ACCC Saves Water; Lake Crossing in Montenegro; New ACCC Project Completed in Vietnam

July 2020

ENEL Completes Five Projects in Brazil; Delhi Transco Upgrades 1/3 of its Grid with ACCC Conductor

June 2020

FERC Update; 1st ACCC AZR Installation in Europe: New 500 kV ACCC Line Crosses Over Great Wall

May 2020

APS Completes 1st ACCC Installation; SCE and NV Energy Projects Continue; Change can be good

April 2020

First Commercial ACCC Conductor Deployment in South Korea; Vietnam Completes Another ACCC Installation

March 2020

CTC Global Launches ACCC InfoCore™ System; Elia Installs ACCC InfoCore™ Conductor

February 2020

Sterlite Completes 400 kV ACCC River Crossing; Jordan National Completes 132 kV ACCC Upgrade; CTC at ERCOT, NASEO & NARUC Meetings

January 2020

PLN Completes 500 kV Quad Bundled ACCC Installation in West Java; SA Power Networks Completes 2nd ACCC Installation in Australia

December 2019

MPPTCL Completes 1st ACCC Installation; PGCB Completes 2 ACCC Installations; ACCC Combats Climate Change; SCE Leverages ACCC Conductor

November 2019

TenneT Selects ACCC AZR Conductor for Project in Netherlands; ETESA Completes 230 kV ACCC Project in Panama: SCE&G Wins SEE Award

October 2019

National Grid Vietnam ACCC Upgrade; PGCB Bangladesh Completes ACCC Greenfield Project; CFE Completes Gen Tie Line

September 2019

NASEO Meeting; Corporate Values; 230 kV Project Completed in Bangladesh; Shandong Grid Completes New 500 kV Line

August 2019

Buffalo City (SA) Completes 1st ACCC® Conductor installation; PLN Completes Key Line; ACEG Files Joint Submission with FERC

July 2019

TNB Begins 230 kV ACCC® Conductor Upgrade; Iberdrola Completes ACCC Conductor Installation for CFE Mexico; ACCC Conductor Combats Corrosion

June 2019

APAR Completes 3rd Important Project in N.E. India; Naturgy Energy Completes Project in Spain; NASEO Meetings; ACCC® Conductor Presented at UK Networks Conference

May 2019

ACCC® conductor discussed at Cigre Brazil; CCI plans expansion; Australia considers line losses in renewable projects – CTC offers potential ACCC solution

April 2019

PLN Completes another 500 kV bundled ACCC® conductor installation in Indonesia; CTC supports WIRES; Germany conference

March 2019

PGCB Completes 14th ACCC® Conductor Installation in Bangladesh; Pakistan Cable Completes 2nd ACCC Installation in Pakistan; CTC Participates at Transmission Summit East

February 2019

ETESA Begins Double Circuit 84.5 kilometer Installation in Panama; CTC Global Participates at ERCOT Market Summit

January 2019

PGCB Completes 10th ACCC® Installation in Bangladesh; PLN Starts 2nd 500 kV ACCC Upgrade; ACCC Utilization Grows in the UK

December 2018

Happy New Year; ISA CTEEP completes another successful ACCC® Conductor Installation in Brazil

November 2018

ACCC Conductor Installed in Serbia, How ACCC® can Improve Grid Reliability, CTC Global at NARUC

October 2018

CTC Among Top 10 Solution Providers; New Conductor Comparison Software; Gupta Joins CTC Global

September 2018

CTC Introduces ACCC® AZR for heavy ice loads; PGCB completes 3rd major project

August 2018

500 kV ACCC® Upgrade Indonesia; EPRI Electrification Conference; ACCC Long Span Performance

July 2018

Minnesota Grid Policy Summit; CEZ Romania; AEP Completes Grid Hardening ACCC® Project

June 2018

SCE Completes 1st ACCC® Installation Palm Springs; YPF Completes Wind Far Tie Line with ACCC

May 2018

AEP Completes 15th ACCC Installation; CTC & IMSA Host Workshop; CTC Attends African Utility Week

April 2018

SC&E River Crossing; 1st ACCC project in Jharkhand India; Endesa Spain; Vietnam Visit; IEEE Denver

March 2018

PGCB continues to deploy ACCC; CTC participates at Trans Summit East, Energy Day Jakarta, ERCOT summit

February 2018

Apar completes several projects in India; Kahramaa completes 1st circuit in Qatar; NARUC summit, ACCC vs. ACSS

January 2018

Grid Resilence; ACCC now deployed to over 50 countries; SA Power Networks completes 1st ACCC Installation in Australia

December 2017

New ACCC Projects in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Kazakstan

November 2017

Hops completes installationin Croatia; Irkutsk completes installation in Siberia; CTC opens new core production facility in Indonesia; CTC wins patent infringement lawsuit against Mercury

October 2017

ETESA Completes New 230 kV ACCC Transmission Line in Panama

September 2017

Gulf Coast Storm Update, EDP completes 4th ACCC Installation in Portugal, Qatar starts 2nd ACCC project

August 2017

CFE and ANDE Complete ACCC Installations in Mexico & Paraguay

July 2017

New 50 Km ACCC installation completed in Malaysia; AEP completes 11th ACCC project; Brookfield Renewables completes ACCC installation in Tennessee

June 2017

Why over 500 Transmission Engineers have found ACCC® conductor to have the BEST VALUE TO COST RATIO compared to all other conductor options

May 2017

First ACCC conductor installations completed in Croatia; CEMIG begins second phase of ACCC conductor installation in Brazil

April 2017

CTC Global Presents at Cigre Brazil; Learn how to assess the benefits of transmission investment

March 2017

CTC Global attends Frankfort Conference, welcomes Bangladesh Engineering Team

February 2017

CTC Global presents ACCC conductor at National Transmission Summit and NASEO Conference

January 2017

CTC Global to Speak at the National Electric Transmission Infrastructure Summit; EPRI Completes 1,500 Cycle Thermo-Mechanical Test

December 2016

ACCC Conductor Circles the Globe – CTC Global has received orders for more than 42,000 kilometers of ACCC conductor for nearly 475 projects in more than 40 countries. (The circumference of the earth is 40,075 kilometers.)

November 2016

CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor Becomes the First Conductor in History to Receive 3rd Party Certification for Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emission Reductions

October 2016

How Panama and Belgium are building the most efficient power grids using ACCC

September 2016

Transmission Summit West, ACCC installation begins in Croatia, CTC welcomes T&D India

August 2016

Visit CTC Global at Cigre conference and exhibition in Paris

July 2016

19th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency EXPO + Policy Forum

June 2016

AEP wins 2016 Edison Award for largest ACCC installation – New ACCC line project begins in Malaysia

May 2016

SABIT Delegates Introduced to ACCC – CTC comments on DOE Quadrennial Energy Review

April 2016

CTC presents efficiency message to the World Resources Institute and Dentons – Sterlite completes 18th ACCC installation

March 2016

NARUC passes resolution supporting ACCC deployment – CTC Field Service Team meet for annual summit

February 2016

CTC’s CEO speaks about efficiency at Elecrama summit in India – CTC Global introduces factory tour video

January 2016

CFE completes 4th ACCC installation in Mexico – ACCC conductors improve the power grid

December 2015

ANDE completes 3rd ACCC installation in Paraguay – Torrent completes its 6th ACCC installation in India

November 2015

ACCC now reduces CO2 emissions by 12.2 million metric tons per year – Jim Clyde named VP of Business Development for the Americans

October 2015

140 km of ACCC conductor deployed to Costa Rica – CTC Emergency Response wins State Senate recognition

September 2015

ACCC conductor deployed in Mozambique – ACCC crosses one mile Zambezi River span

August 2015

CTC Global books it 350th ACCC order – MSETCL completes ACCC installation in Nagpur India

July 2015

Torrent Power completes 132 kV project in India – CTC Global upgrades CCP software program

June 2015

CTC Global’s customers complete ACCC survey – CTC Global introduces ULS high-modulus composite core

May 2015

CTC discusses the economic & environmental impact of power lines – Installation training completed in Costa Rica

April 2015

Viet Nam contractor completes hardware installation in the air – CTC Global introduces interactive project map

March 2015

OPTCL completes two projects in India – CTC Global names Anne McDowell Vice President of Commercial Operations

February 2015

PT PLN completes its 35th project in Indonesia – CTC explains a conductor’s thermal knee point

January 2015

Phase Two of ACCC installation completed in Siberia – CTC holds open house for IEEE PES members

December 2014

Tampa Electric completes ACCC installation in Florida – CTC Global offers free CCP design software

November 2014

Black Hills Power completes ACCC installation in South Dakota – ACCC ULS tested at Deadwater Fell test site under extreme ice load conditions and beats ACSR

October 2014

Phase one of ACCC transmission line upgrade completed in Russia – CTC Global supports Line Men training

September 2014

IMFA & OPTCL complete ACCC installation in India – CTC participates in Cigre Grid of the Future Conference in Houston

August 2014

ACCC installation completed in Mexicali, Mexico – CTC participates at Cigre Paris conference & expo

July 2014

CTC explains evolution of conductors – CTC Global joins WIRES group

June 2014

CTC Global explains economic impact of line loss reductions using ACCC – Why over 100 utilities have chosen ACCC conductor

May 2014

ACCC installation nears completion in Brazil – CTC Global introduces new training videos

April 2014

Duke Energy completes ACCC installation in Florida – Jim Lehan NV Energy discusses his experience using ACCC on video

March 2014

MSETCL completes 1st ACCC installation – CTC Global exhibits and presents at IEEE T&D conference in Chicago

February 2014

CTC Global describes UHV ACCC installations – ACCC discussed in T&D World magazine

January 2014

ACCC doubles the capacity of 230 kV line in Lousiana – CTC exhibts at Tech Advantage in Nashville

December 2013

CTC discusses how its customers successfully leverage ACCC conductor technology – CTC Global corporate overview presented

November 2013

ACCC installation completed in Odessa, Texas – Brattle Group submits paper to WIRES organization

October 2013

ACCC spans Lake Nzilo in Congo, Africa – CTC Global offers free ACCC Conductor Engineering Manual

September 2013

CTC Global completes 10 years of ACCC conductor testing – CTC participates at Cigre Grid of the Future conference in Boston

August 2013

CTC describes how ACCC reduces line losses by 25 to 40% or more – CTC explains advantages of carbon fiber composites

July 2013

ACCC selected for emergency repair of 533 kV DC line in Mozambique – Construction begins of new ACCC installation in Russia

June 2013

ACCC takes hard hit from EF5 tornado in Oklahoma – 13th ACCC installation completed in Poland

May 2013

ACCC installation completed in Vietnam – ACCC conductor installed in Riverside, California

April 2013

NV Energy completes 4th ACCC installation – CTC Global celebrates National Linemen Day

March 2013

EDP completes 2nd and 3rd ACCC installations in Portugal – CTC Global’s Director of Technology presents at Grid Tech in India

February 2013

Chilectra completes 8th ACCC installation in Chile – CTC Global exhibits at Tech Advantage in New Orleans

January 2013

Novosibirsk Energy installs first ACCC line in Russia – CTC Global wishes Sid Gauna a happy retirement

December 2012

ACCC conductor installed in Qatar – CTC Global prepares presentation for IEEE PES conference in Memphis

November 2012

ACCC conductor survives Super Storm Saomai just days after installation completed – CTC prepares for Smart Grid Summit in Berlin

October 2012

CTC Global describes how ACCC conductor is key to smart grid development – CTC completes its 220th project

September 2012

CTC Global describes how aerospace technology is improving the grid – CTC presents at Cigre Grid of the Future in Kansas City

August 2012

AEP orders 1,665 miles of ACCC for live line 345 kV reconductor project in Texas – Torrent Power energizes 1st ACCC transmission line in India

July 2012

City Power completes four live line ACCC reconductor projects in Johannesburg – CTC discusses the economics of efficiency

June 2012

CTC Cable goes Global: New company name reflects substantial growth – ACCC conductor survives fire storm in Nevada

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