Installation Support

Building a successful solution from the ground up

The body of knowledge leading to good installation outcomes for ACCC® Conductor customers is captured and frequently updated in the ACCC® Installation Guidelines. The guidelines are organized into topical chapters, and are available for download here. A review of the guidelines will be helpful to all who are responsible for installation activities.

Prior to the start of construction, our field support staff will provide specific tools and equipment lists.  Then, we will review those lists with your key installation staff and contractors to ensure that proper equipment and tools are procured and allocated for your installation.

CTC Global provides installation training for all customers worldwide. ACCC℠ Installation Training is delivered by ACCC Certified Master Installers and includes all safety and procedural aspects that are unique to ACCC Conductor and associated hardware. While we assume that the crews being trained are generally experienced linemen, safety basics are reviewed. The program begins with a classroom review of the important differences between the ACCC Conductor and other conductors and how those drive the few but important changes in industry standard installation practices. The classroom session is followed by a hands-on demonstration of dead end and splice assembly. These two elements take about a day, depending on class size. The third element is on-the-job training, wherein the Master Installer actually goes to the jobsite with his class for the first couple of sections or pulls.  He will reinforce the classroom lessons and correct practices, is available to answer questions and advise on any special conditions, and to verify the effectiveness of the training. More details found here.

CTC Global also offers ACCC℠ On Site Service (OSS℠), wherein an ACCC Certified Master Installer assists the site supervision by providing guidance and expert advice. The Master Installers are extremely experienced with tensioned overhead stringing in general and ACCC Conductor installations in particular, and the OSS makes this expertise available to your crews and supervision to help ensure a reliable and efficient installation outcome.  Please find more OSS details here.


ACCC® Conductor Installation Guidelines

ACCC® Special Tools Order Form

ACCC® Maintenance and Repair Manual

ACCC® Core Retainer Training Video




On-call expertise

The Master Installer(s) that deliver the training and OSS services remain available and in touch with the project supervision through energization.  In addition, field support and expertise is always available throughout the entire project, or anytime.  Give us a call (+1 949.428.8500) or drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll get right back to you!

Help making the best selections

Our specialized team will talk through your project at length, covering all the details and possibilities with you. Then they’ll provide you with an in-depth recommendation that will put the most appropriate version of our ACCC Conductor to work for you.

Energized Reconductoring

Supported by Quanta Energized Services (QES), a number of ACCC Reconductoring projects have been successfully completed without interrupting power service. Please contact CTC Global for more information.

Maintenance and Repair

ACCC Conductor is essentially maintenance free. However, should damage occur as a result of flying debris or downed structures, conventional methods can be used to repair damaged strands or replace conductor sections. Depending upon the level of damage, CTC offers various recommendations. Please refer to Chapter 9 of the Guidelines, or contact CTC Global for assistance.

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