The right conductor choice today will prepare you for an uncertain tomorrow.

Limiting your new transmission line designs to low cost, low performance conductors is putting your future business goals at risk.


ACCC® Advanced Conductors offer significant technical and economic benefits.

2x the capacity of ACSR

Deliver More Power

Twice the capacity of conventional conductors with greatly reduced sag helps improve power delivery economics, safety and reliability

Reduce Line loss

Reduce Line Loss

Line loss reductions by ~30% frees up generation capacity otherwise wasted –helping improve the economics of generation assets while reducing associated GHG emissions

Energy Cost Savings

Energy cost savings

Trusted by Utilities Around the World

Other Features

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CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor sets -and continues to raise -the performance bar for all composite core conductor manufacturers.

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CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor and purpose-built connectors have been extensively tested and studied by labs and universities, worldwide and proven globally.

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CTC Global produces and supports ACCC® Conductor and hardware with regional / local manufacturing partners and provides extensive and highly experienced field support and services for every customer.

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