ACCC® Hardware

Find hardware for your project that’s qualified by CTC Global for use with ACCC® Conductors.

ACCC® Hardware
is Key to Safety and Reliability

CTC Global ACCC® Hardware uses high-performance hardware components for easy installation and long-lasting performance. Our hardware and systems have been rigorously tested at several international labs, meeting ASTM, IEC, and other relevant standards. These tests include stress-strain testing, high-temperature cyclic and sustained load tests, short-circuit testing, and many others. With a track record of success in over 1,250 projects globally, our ACCC® Dead-ends and splices ensure reliability in the most challenging T&D projects.

ACCC Hardware -Dead-End Crimp
  • Top Quality Hardware – CTC Global partners with top hardware companies to deliver high-strength, high-performance hardware.
  • 100% Success Rate – CTC Global’s collet and housing system has a track record of no reported failures.
  • Global Coverage – CTC Global’s hardware partners have a widespread global presence, with manufacturing facilities in major regions worldwide.

ACCC® Hardware Projects

CTC Global ACCC® Conductor projects have included ocean crossings, river crossings, highly corrosive industrial areas, heavy ice zones, mountain and desert crossings. CTC Global manufactures internal hardware components (stainless steel) at its manufacturing center in Irvine, California. CTC Global internal components are then delivered to several manufacturing partners worldwide, Our manufacturing partners add additional components such as aluminum sleeves, jumper pads, oxidation inhibitor and other pieces and deliver complete hardware packages to our valuable customers, worldwide.




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