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Cigre India Journal: Why Extensive Testing, Field Experience and International Standards are Key to Ensuring Grid Reliability

T&D World: Bangladesh Builds 400 kV Transmission System

Energy Central: How Modern Conductors are Improving Grid Reliability & Resilience

Utility Dive: National Grid, DOE panelists call for ‘grid-enhancing technologies’ to quickly boost transmission capacity

Energy Central: Why ACCC® Conductors are Being Widely Deployed to Combat Climate Change

Energy Central: NASEO Board of Director’s Resolution & FERC Comments

T&D World: Elia Tackles Grid Reliability Through New Technology

Energy Central: The Dreadful Impact of Inefficient Transmission Lines – A Texas Example

Energy Central: Advancing the Efficiencies of the U.S. Power Grid – DOE Update

ESI Africa: Transmission powerlines suffer from a middle child syndrome

Electricity Today: Reconductoring Existing Transmission Lines Enables Low Cost Decarbonization

ESI Africa: Instant Gratification: Upgrade Transmission While Awaiting New Lines

Electric Energy T&D: How Advanced Conductors are Supporting Grid Decarbonization and Saving Money

PV Magazine: Upgrading transmission lines could enable 27GW more renewable power per year

T&D India: ACCC® Reconductoring Project Completed in Jamalpur Bangladesh

Public Utilities Fortnightly: Reconductoring to Accelerate Decarbonization

Energy Central: How Advanced Conductors are Supporting Grid Decarbonization

Business Recorder: Pakistan Cables Completes Third ACCC® Conductor Installation in Pakistan

T&D World: India Reconstructs Ganges River Crossing with ACCC® Conductor

IEEEMA Journal: Embracing Energy Efficiency in India

T&D World: Alternatives for Conductor Upgrade Projects

T&D World: SSEN Extends the Life of Existing Assets Using ACCC® Conductor

Electricity Forum: How Modern Conductors are Improving Grid Reliability and Much More

Energy Central: Why Lab Testing, Field Experience and Adherence to International Standards are Key to Ensuring Grid Reliability

T&D India: CTC Global’s Outlook for India Remains Bullish

Energy Central: Slashing Transmission Wildfire Risk Using High-Capacity Low-Sag Conductors

Utility Dive: How Transmission Efficiency Standards Can Help Utilities Achieve Sustainability Goals

Energy Central: Why We Need to Connect Policy With Technology

Energy Central: High Performance Grid for Asia’s Fastest Growing Economy

Electricity Forum: The Evolution / Revolution of Overhead Conductors – and why it matters

Energy Central: Interview with Dave Bryant, Director Technology, CTC Global

T&D World: SCE Experience: Reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor vs Rebuilding

Electricity Today: High-Capacity, Energy-Efficient ACCC® Conductor Case Study

Wire & Cable India: Leveraging ACCC® Conductor Technology to Build a Modern Grid

Utilities Tech Outlook: Making a Smart Grid Smarter

Electricity Today: The Overlooked Benefits of High-Performance Conductors

T&D India: We will Continue to Invest Heavily in Technology

Relay Magazine: Grid Project Improves Reliability, Load Capacity

Energy Central: Shining Light on Missed Opportunities – Grid Efficiency, Climate Change & More

Energy Central: You’re Telling Me High-Performance Overhead Conductors Save Water? Really?

Energy Central: Using Modern Conductors to Build a Modern Grid

Utility Dive: Five Reasons Why Utilities are Switching to High-Performance Overhead Conductors

Technology Magazine: CTC Global: Producing ACCC® Conductors for a low carbon world

Energy Central: Backbone of a Modern Electric Power Grid

CIO Applications: CTC Global: Solid Partnership to Empower the Electric Power Grid

Energy Central: Interview with CTC Global’s Director Technology

T&D World: ERS Extends Life of Aging Transmission Lines (with ACCC Conductor Upgrade)

Manufacturing Today: Power companies reap the benefits of CTC Global ACCC® Conductor

T&D India: We are looking at adding more manufacturing facilities

Engineering Review: Better Power for all

Energy Central: Financing the Future

Electric Energy: How Carbon Fibers Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

T&D India: Restoring Power After Extreme Weather Conditions

Utilities Tech Outlook: CTC Global Pioneers of High-Performance Conductors

T&D India: Interview with CTC Global’s CEO J.D. Sitton

Composites World: Update on CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor 

Gigabit: CTC Global ACCC® Conductors for a low carbon world

Africa Business Chief: CTC Global Producing ACCC® Conductors for a Low Carbon World 

T&D World: Elia Addresses the Need for More Capacity in Belgium

T&D India: Interview with CTC Global

Global Renewable News: How to Improve the Economic Viability of Renewable Resources

Wire & Cable India: More Power to India’s T&D Structure through Pioneering ACCC® Conductors

T&D India: The SCS certification can drive better adoption of ACCC® Conductors

Gas Power Heat Systems Network: Composite conductor cuts transmission connection time

EE T&D Magazine: The Grid Transformation Forum – Envisioning the 21st Century Grid

T&D World: Energized Rebuild

Electric Energy T&D: Shedding Light on the Importance of Transmission Line Efficiency, Capacity and Reliability

T&D World: Line upgrade in India

The Times of India: Staggered power supply may soon be a thing of the past

AEP: Edison Award goes to AEP Transmission for Texas Project

EEI: AEP Wins 2016 Edison Award for upgrading existing 240 mile 345 kV line with ACCC® Conductor while the line remained energized

Energize: High Performance Conductors Improve Grid Capacity, Efficiency

Public Utilities Fortnightly: High Performance Conductors are Improving Grid Efficiency – and why it matters

Energy Biz: Record Energized Reconductor Project Brings Reliable Power to South Texas

Electrical Monitor: CTC Global – Major Solution Provider to India

Electric Energy T&D: There’s Some Superhero in All of Us

Quanta Energized Services: AEP Energized Reconductor Project

T&D World: ACCC® Conductor deployed in Mozambique

Wire and Cable India: Tata Power Installs ACCC® Conductor in Mumbai

Electric Energy T&D: The Rise and Fall of Transmission Investment

Utility Products: High Cost vs High Performance

Rus Cable: Composite Conductor Cable Installed in Russia

Electricity Today: Facing the Heat

Utilities Middle East: CTC’s Core Value

Electric Light & Power: How to Assess the Benefits of Transmission Investment

Business Standard: IMFA Installs State-of-the-Art Power Equipment

Electric Energy T&D: How Utilities Can Protect the Grid against Potential Outages Due to Extreme Weather Events

Global Trade: The Will to Power

Power Engineering International: CTC Takes Grid Efficiency Mission to China

North American Clean Energy: Improving the Smart Grid Using ACCC® Conductor

Utility Products: Leveraging Technology to Improve Grid Resiliency and Reliability

Electrical Monitor: CTC Global in India

Energetica India: Q&A With CTC Global’s Director Technology

Electrical & Power Review: CTC Global Bringing Reliability in Power Transmission

Electricity Today: Making the Energy Grade

Transmission Hub: High-Tech Conductor

T&D World: ULS ACCC® Conductor Spans Lake in Congo

The Times of India: MSETCL Proposes High Ampacity Cables

EEI Electric Perspectives: Grid Transformation

Utility Products: Tuff Stuff – How one new conductor proved itself outside the lab

Power Insider: CTC Global Partners NARI Group in Groundbreaking Transmission Venture

Electricity T&D: OG&E Takes a Hard Hit by EF4 and EF5 Tornados 

Electricity Today: Unclogging the arteries of North America’s power grid

Energize T&D: Improving the Efficiency of the Electrical Grid

Electric Light & Power: Perhaps its time to redefine smart grid

Intelligent Utility: NV Energy Upgrades Henderson

T&D World: Conductor Launched a Decade Ago Deployed at More Than 250 Project Sites

Power Grid International: Perhaps its Time to Redefine Smart Grid

CTC Global: ACCC® Conductor takes a direct hit from an EF5 tornado

T&D WORLD: AEP Raises Transmission Capacity

Composites Technology: Composite-cored conductors – Holding the line 

Utility Products: Resource Adequacy and Transmission Security of the Bulk Power System

SNL Financial: AEP chooses advanced conductor technology for major Texas transmission project

The Times Of India: New power conductors to improve carrying capacity for Mahatransco

Transmission & Distribution World: As Built is Not Enough

AEP Now: ACCC® Conductor used for the largest energized (live line) reconductoring project in AEP history

Energy Business Review: Torrent Power installs transmission line in India

Business Wire: CTC Global Signs Contract to Deliver 1,665 Miles of ACCC® Conductor for South Texas Project

Cable & Wire News: The USPTO Upholds Three of CTC GLOBAL Patents

Renew Grid: AEP Will Use CTC Global ACCC® Conductor In Texas Project

Electrical Monitor: Reliable power is important to India’s economic prosperity

North America Clean Energy: Improving the Economic Viability of Renewable Resources

Energy Biz: Strengthening the Transmission Highway

Energetica India: Torrent Power energizes CTC Global’s first ACCC® Conductor transmission line in India

Transmission And Distribution World: Torrent Power Ltd energizes ACCC® Conductor transmission line in India

Electric Energy Online: Torrent Power Ltd energizes CTC Global’s first ACCC® Conductor line in India

Electric Light & Power: New transmission line energized in India

TransmissionHub: CTC Global’s worldwide presence to increase 14% by year-end

TransmissionHub: CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor technology doubles capacity on 132-kV line in India

Renew Grid: AEP will use CTC Global ACCC® Conductor In Texas project

GreenTech Media: 1.2 trillion metric tons of CO2 in line losses

Utility Products: New tool helps improve efficiency, reliability and capacity of the grid

Power Engineering International: Aerospace Technology for the Grid


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