We Provide Solutions to Meet the Needs of Utilities

What We Do

We make advanced conductors for overhead transmission powerlines. As the creators and leaders of composite core technology, it has always been our goal to help improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resiliency of electric power grids worldwide.

With more than 20 years of experience CTC Global continues to deliver unparalled support, expertise and experience.

Our Mission

CTC Global's mission is to expand access to electricity by providing products and services that enable a fast, cost effective, and environmentally responsible expansion of the grid. Our focus is to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of the grid.

Our Vision

CTC Global's vision is to bring to the world a well engineered product that provides the most efficient solution to address the needs of a modern grid.​

Our Values

CTC Global upholds the values of integrity, safety, quality, respect, teamwork, and innovation. These values guide our interactions with customers, employees, and partners, further driving us towards excellence.

The Right Solution for Your Unique Needs

Experience extends from the lab to the field and with more than 1,250 projects completed in over 60 countries. At any given time, we support well over 50 active / queued up projects with professionalism and precision.

Our application engineering, manufacturing, logistics and installation teams work around the clock to help you complete your project successfully.

  • 4 Manufacturing Locations around the World
  • Faster lead times compared to competitors
  • Pricing – Cost Benefits in the millions saved over the life of the line by using ACCC® Conductor instead of ACSR
  • Installation Support provided by our Master Installers

T&D Projects Worldwide






Team Members

Our History

Meet the Management Team That Powers Us

J.D. Sitton

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel Tashjian

Chief Operating Officer

Dean Hagan

Chief Financial Officer

Anne McDowell

V.P. Commercial Operations

David Chiesa

V.P. Sales and Business Development

Kevin Corbalis

V.P. Engineering and Product Development

John Mansfield

V.P. Strategic Development

Eric Johnson

V.P. Field and Technical Services

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