CTC Global History

Market need drove us to innovate

CTC Global History – Recognizing the enormous challenge of increasing transmission line capacity, mitigating thermal sag, and improving conductor efficiency, CTC, of Irvine, California, USA, (now CTC Global) began developing the patented ACCC® Conductor in 2002. The objective was to develop a conductor that could be used to upgrade existing transmission corridors without structural modifications. This objective relied on the incorporation of highly evolved aerospace technology and materials science to create a new higher-strength, lighter-weight core that could incorporate additional conductive aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty, and be utilized to reduce thermal sag, increase spans between fewer structures, carry more current, reduce line losses and improve grid reliability.

After an extensive R&D, testing, and installation trials effort, CTC Global went on to develop ISO certified manufacturing techniques and tooling to allow the cost-effective and continuous production of the pultruded composite core. To date, the ACCC Conductor has been deployed to over 1,000 project sites, globally.

CTC Global History
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