ACCC® Conductor Overview

Improving the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the grid

Initially developed to increase the capacity of existing transmission and sub-transmission lines, the patented and trademark registered ACCC® Conductors were commercially deployed in 2005. The CTC Global ACCC Conductor utilizes a high-strength, light-weight composite core to replace conventional steel core wires in conventional bare overhead conductors. The composite core offers a very low coefficient of thermal expansion to mitigate conductor sag under heavy electrical load conditions.

The composite core’s greater strength and improved dimensional stability also enables increased spans between fewer and/or shorter structures to minimize environmental impact on new transmission lines. The ACCC Conductor’s lighter weight composite core further allows it to incorporate up to 30% more conductive aluminum which not only helps increase line capacity, it also helps reduce line losses by 25 to 40% or more.

While the ACCC Conductor’s higher capacity helps grid operators deliver more power from the least expensive and cleanest sources of generation, its reduced line losses also serve to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions while freeing up generation capacity that is otherwise wasted. Improved efficiency also helps improve the economic viability of renewable resources helping many organizations achieve their emission reduction objectives, cost effectively. CTC Global ACCC Conductor has already helped over 250 utilities at over 1,000 project sites in over 60 countries improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the grid. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you take the time to learn more. Please contact us if you have any questions [email protected]  1.949.428.8500

ACCC Conductors Solutions
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