CTC Global Expands Footprint with 5th ACCC® Core Manufacturing Facility in Pune, India

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CTC Global is thrilled to announce the grand opening of CMI, its fifth ACCC® Conductor Core manufacturing facility in Pune, India. This expansion is a testament to our ongoing commitment to supporting India’s ambitious goals to enhance its power grid’s capacity and efficiency. 


Why Pune?  

Pune, renowned as a major industrial hub in India, offers excellent connectivity to ports and markets, coupled with a highly educated workforce and world-class industrial infrastructure. These factors make Pune the ideal location for our new facility, which will complement our existing plants in the United States, China, Indonesia, and Paraguay. 


Empowering India’s Grid  

As the world’s third-largest producer and consumer of electricity, India is at the forefront of expanding access to renewable energy. CTC Global has a long-standing partnership with Indian utilities to support these objectives. J.D. Sitton, CEO of CTC Global shared, “Our new Pune facility will ensure that the advanced ACCC® Conductors used on India’s grid are increasingly Made in India.” 


Strengthening Partnerships  

Hitesh Mundhada, CTC Global’s Vice President for South Asia, highlighted the importance of this facility in supporting our local partners: Apar Industries, Sterlite Power, Gupta Power, and JSK Industries. Together, these partners have delivered over 20,000 kilometers of ACCC® Conductors to utilities across 23 Indian states and 2 territories. This new facility in Pune further enhances our ability to drive innovation and efficiency in the power sector, serving customers in India and beyond. 


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