CTC Global Proudly Supports Major Transmission Project in Cameroon

CTC Global is excited to announce that the Société Nationale du Transport de l’Électricité du Cameroun (SONATREL), with support from the World Bank and the International Development Association (IDA), has chosen the ACCC® Conductor for two sections of their new 225 kV transmission line. This line will connect the southern Reseau Interconnecte Sud (RIS) and the northern Reseau Interconnecte Nord (RIN) transmission systems in Cameroon, collectively named the RIS-RIN Interconnection Project.

The RIS-RIN Interconnection Project will feature a double-circuit, double-bundled 225 kV transmission line spanning over 514 km from Nachtigal in the RIS to the Hourou Oussoa substation in the RIN. Four new substations will be constructed along the route at Ntui, Yoko, Tibati, and Hourou Oussoa.

SONATREL and their engineering firm, IED Consult, selected CTC Global’s Arlington size ACCC® Conductor for two major sections of the project: from Ntui to Yoko and Yoko to Tibati. These sections will be supported by 880 new structures over 314 kilometers. Nearly 3,800 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor, manufactured by CTC Global’s authorized partner Midal Cable, will be installed by the experienced EPC firm Kalpataru, with support from CTC Global’s network of ACCC® Master Installers. Subsequent phases of this project will connect the RIS-RIN interconnection system with Chad, enhancing and expanding Chad’s power network, including the capital city N’Djamena.

CTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer, J.D. Sitton, stated, “The RIS-RIN Interconnection project will help millions in northern Cameroon and Chad access low-cost, clean electricity from southern Cameroon. We are very pleased that the consortium selected our highly proven ACCC® Conductor and hardware enabled with our ACCC InfoCore® System to confirm and document a successful installation and provide outstanding reliability.

For over 20 years, more than 300 major utilities have selected CTC Global’s patented and extensively tested ACCC® Conductor to enhance the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resilience of over 1,250 projects in 66 countries, covering 175,000 kilometers. CTC Global’s ACCC InfoCore® System adds a new level of integrity and installation assurance, reflecting CTC Global’s commitment to advancing conductor technology.

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