First ACCC® Conductor Installation Completed in Kazakstan

Within the framework of the investment program of JSC Investment Fund of Kazakhstan a new double circuit 110 kV ACCC line was recently completed in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan. The 3.4 km project was funded through a loan from the Asian Development Bank.

High-performance, high-efficiency ACCC conductor was selected for the project due to its reduced thermal sag and decreased line losses. Astana is a highly populated city where growing demand and limited generation resources necessitate highly efficient and modern solutions.

Alexander Syrvachev, Acting Deputy, Chief Engineer for Repairs, was very pleased that the construction was performed efficiently and at an adequate level. The 1078 kcmil (546.4 mm^2) Hamburg size ACCC conductor was provided by Lamifil Russia and hardware was provided by Preformed Line Products. The installation was completed with the support of the construction firm LLP Mechanized Column #13. David Pearce, one of CTC Global’s Master Installers assisted with the installation and pre-installation training.

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