SCE Reconductors to Mitigate Sag and Improve Reliability

ACCC® Conductor minimized the need to modify structures, limiting the need for licensing/ permitting, enabling an early completion date and mitigating SAG violations.

$87 M

project cost Reduction


Sag Savings


$85 M

In Customer


Sag Mitigation. Improve Reliability and Safety.

Save Time and Money. Reconductor to reduce project timeframe and project cost.

Reduce Line Losses. Conserve generation capacity and hydro water supply.

Improve Reliability. Allow for load Growth.



Project Cost Reduced. Using existing structures eliminated cost a replacement cost of $50,000/per tower, while also saving costs associated with permitting and environmental impact study.

Project Completed Ahead of Schedule. Reduced construction time from an estimated 48 months to 18 months — freeing up SCE resources and crews to focus on other projects.

Expanded Transmission Capacity. Substantially increased ROW operating capacity (>>40%.)


Delivering More Power at a Lower Costs

Southern California Edison (SCE) serves more than 15,000,000 people in a 50,000 square mile service area with more than 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines. SCE owns and operates the Big Creek Hydroelectric Project that generates nearly 4 billion kWh of electricity per year from its 24 generating units and dams at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California. Power generated at Big Creek is delivered through the 241-mile Big Creek transmission corridor to the Eagle Rock Substation in Los Angeles. Initially constructed at 150 kV, in 1912/1913, the Big Creek transmission corridor was upgraded to 220 kV in 1922/1923. In 2018, SCE sought to rebuild 137 miles of the line using Dove size ACSR conductor at an estimated cost of $135 million.

“Reconductoring vs rebuilding also saved years of time in permitting and construction, provided significant environmental advantages, and saved tens of millions of dollars in project costs.”



circuit Miles

230 kV

single circuit



Conductor Size: ACCC® Dove

Project Highlights
  • Replacing ACSR Dove Conductor with the same diameter ACCC® Dove Conductor expedited project completion, reducing the scheduled project time and saving upfront costs.
  • In addition to mitigating all sag violations, the ACCC® Conductor also allowed SCE to increase the line’s rating from 936 amps to 1520 amps while also reducing line losses by 30%.

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