ACCC® Conductor in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world’s fastest growing economies having experienced rapid economic growth in recent years mainly driven by exports of readymade garments, tea, leather, and more. In the last decade, Bangladesh has emerged as a key garment exporter and its textile industry accounts for nearly 85% of the nation’s $40 billion in annual exports, employing nearly 4 million people.

To accommodate continued growth and prepare for an amazing future, the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh “PGCB” is working hard to modernize their electric power grid which is expected to deliver 60 GW of electricity within the next two decades. Policy makers in Bangladesh have taken a pragmatic decision to push for a robust and sustainable future, by selecting Climate friendly and high capacity conductors.

Bringing reliable and clean electricity to the people of Bangladesh is critical to growing the economy, improving the standard of living, and reducing environmental impact to combat climate change. To upgrade and expand their transmission network, PGCB selected the high-capacity, energy-efficient and highly-proven ACCC® Conductor technology. While nearly 40 ACCC® Conductor installations have already been completed in Bangladesh, more than 1,000 ACCC Projects have been completed, worldwide.

Check out this video: ACCC® Conductor in Bangladesh

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