Reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor is quick, efficient, and affordable.

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Reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor can Meet All Your Project Goals!

Did you know that by using the ACCC® Conductor, the capacity of existing power lines can be increased by as much as 2X, while helping to meet sustainability goals?

A larger traditional conductor is often too heavy for the existing structures. But ACCC® Conductor with the same diameter and weight as the “old” wire can be installed on the existing structures to provide increased capacity, while significantly reducing power line losses. This saves time and money by not having to rebuild the structures. In fact, ACCC® Conductor can carry twice the power of old powerline wires – without the need to replace or modify existing towers, structures or poles. This makes swapping out the old wire for the new wire quick, easy, efficient, and affordable. This in turn, helps reduce fuel consumption, associated greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumed by thermal power plants. It’s a real win-win for energy consumers and the environment.

2x Capacity with ACCC® Conductor

2x Capacity

of conventional conductors

Reduce line losses with ACCC® Conductor

Reduces Line Losses

by 25 to 40%

CO2 Reduction with ACCC® Conductor

CO2 reduction

of over 15 MMT

Mitigate Sag Violation with ACCC® Conductor

Mitigate Sag Violation

to improve safety and reliability

What sets ACCC® Conductor apart from other advanced conductors?

CTC Global ACCC® Conductor Proven Technology

Proven Technology

Commercialized in 2005 and deployed to more than 1,000 projects in 60+ countries, the ACCC® Conductor is the most stringently tested and widely deployed composite core conductor in the world.

Superior ACCC® Hardware

Superior Hardware

The ACCC® Conductor uses specially designed hardware that will not crush or sever the composite core that can otherwise happen when compression hardware is used. Beware of claims to the contrary.

ACCC® Conductor outstanding performance

Outstanding Performance

From the deserts of Qatar to the mountains of Europe the ACCC® Conductor has exceeded expectations and helped more than 250 utilities solve their most challenging problems.

CTC Global ACCC® Unrivaled Longevity

Unrivaled Longevity

The ACCC® Conductor’s integrated fiberglass barrier offers unmatched flexibility, toughness and lifelong protection from galvanic corrosion and fatigue.

CTC Global extensive Testing-and-Support

Testing and Support

CTC Global offers the most extensive engineering and design support, certified testing and quality assurance, and installation and post installation support.





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Check out CTC Global’s Conductor Comparison Program (CCP) to compare the ACCC® Conductor against the competition.

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