Reconductoring with Advanced Conductors Presented at Netzbau Conference in Hamburg

The annual German Netzbau conference in Hamburg in May enjoyed its second highest live attendance in its history and welcomed line engineers, asset management and utility experts from the D-A-CH region. CTC Global showcased the numerous advantages of reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor and highlighted the added advantages of the successfully deployed and unique ACCC InfoCore™ System at its stand and on video to the online audience.

 “Latest geopolitical developments in Europe have given the energy transition another momentum. We have had interesting conversations about the need for grid expansion with several utilities. High Capacity, Low Sag solutions, such as the ACCC® Conductor will play a very important role in future grid expansion.” said Katarina Hughes-Straka, CTC Business Development Europe. “We are working with our partners on innovative solutions that will enhance the use of ACCC® Technology in the grid, such as the InfoCore™ System that ensures correct installation

“ACCC InfoCore has already been widely deployed on three important projects within Europe and further projects are in development,” added Walter Heister, CTC Europe Technical Consultant. “This, along with several other recent CTC Global innovations, are proving of substantial interest to the D-A-CH network community.”

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