ACCC Installation Services

CTC Global Corporation is pleased to announce the rollout of ACCC Conductor Installation Services.


Please see attached single-page descriptions for each of the services offered—

ACCC℠ Pre-Bid Service
This service, designed for delivery to prospective contractors, will present a short CTC and ACCC History and an overview of the product and its installation requirements and techniques for efficient and successful application. The presentation includes required equipment and methods, a conductor hardware section, and a formal question and answer process, the Pre-Bid Service is intended to assist the prospective bidder to prepare an accurate and competitive installation bid.
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ACCC℠ Stringing Plan Review Services
The CTC Global team of transmission line construction and installation experts has extensive experience with conductor installation in every variety of applications. Project planning always improves project performance, and the experience of this team can assist with your conductor stringing plans (regardless of conductor selected) resulting in a faster and more efficient project, especially when using the ACCC Conductor.
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ACCC℠ Installation Training
CTC Global is pleased to announce a revised ACCC Installation Training program. Intended for all new installers of ACCC Conductor including linemen, operators, fitters, and supervisors, the revised program focuses on the critical installation elements that ensure efficient and reliable stringing, sagging, termination and commissioning of ACCC Conductor.
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ACCC℠ On-Site Services
CTC announces On-Site Services (the service formerly known as Field Service). OSS consists of an ACCC Certified Master Installer on the installation site, providing oversight, instruction, advice, and verification of the installation activities to the ACCC Conductor Installation Guidelines.
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CTC Global Installation Services
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