1/3rd of Overhead Transmission Grid of Delhi Transco Limited soon to be using ACCC® Conductor

According to Delhi Transco Limited’s website, DTL operates more than 860 circuit kilometers of 220 and 400 KV transmission lines of which 214 circuit kilometers have been upgraded to ACCC® Conductors. The most recent DTL ACCC Upgrade was the 220 kV Gopalpur- Mandola line in Delhi, India.

With the support of Sterlite Power, who assisted with engineering and installation and who manufactured the ACCC Conductor used on the project, DTL selected ACCC Drake size conductor to replace the existing ACSR Zebra size conductor to increase line capacity from ~700 to ~1,200 amps. The 47 circuit kilometer line upgrade has also improved the efficiency and reliability of Delhi Transco’s grid.

The ACCC Reconductor project crossed over two national highways, the Yamuna River and vast wetlands. Hardware for the project was supplied by Sicame and ITL. Sterlite Power subsequently signed two additional ACCC line upgrade agreements which, when completed, will represent ACCC Conductor installations on more than a third of DTL’s transmission grid.

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