220 kV ACCC® Upgrade Completed in Vietnam

With more than 800 successful ACCC® Installations in 52 countries, worldwide, the Southern Vietnam Power Project Management Board selected the high-performance, energy efficient ACCC® Conductor to upgrade their 220 kV Cu Chi to Trang Bang transmission line in the Tay Ninh Provence of Vietnam.

421 mm^2 Brussels size conductor was used to replace 400/51 ACSR conductor. The 14.5 km double circuit reconductor project was completed without modification to existing lattice structures. Spans ranged from ~420 to 460 meters.

The ACCC Conductor was manufactured by CTC Global’s authorized manufacturing partner Thipha Cable. PCC1 provided installation services and hardware was provided by PLP. VTD provided training and support.

Cu Chi is a rural agricultural district in Ho Chi Minh City in the south east region of Vietnam. Trang Bang supports a traditional artisan industry, but has recently opened an industrial zone for foreign investment. The climate is very tropical with average humidity ranging from 78 – 82% and an average temperatures of 82 F with little variation throughout the year.

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