ACCC® Conductor Showcased at Freileitung 2019 Event in Darmstadt, Germany

CTC Global’s ACCC® conductor, including the new AZR version, were presented at the “Overhead Lines 2019 – Planning, Development, Maintenence and Experience Exchange” event, orgainzed by EW Medien & Kongresse and held this year in Darmstadt, Germany.

A number of organizations from the German and central European power community were represented and the event delivered on its promise to cover a wide range of network-related issues and innovations, including CTC Global’s ACCC conductor.

High performance conductors have not been widely adopted on the German network, unlike many neighboring counties in Europe. “We register increasing interest in high performance conductor technology, both in transmission and distribution networks” stated Peter Hughes, CTC Global’s Vice President, North Europe. “Our presentation was well received and we had significant dialogue with a number of operators, planners and technology providers at the event.”

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