AEP Completes 15th ACCC® Conductor Installation in Texas

Following AEP’s award winning 240 mile 345 kV live line (energized) ACCC reconductor project in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – which severely damaged an existing 24 mile 345 kV ACSR line near Rockport, American Electric Power completed their 15th ACCC conductor installation earlier this month

With the support of Engineering Company Tech Serv and Installation Contractor KV Power, AEP installed new steel H-frame structures and vertically bundled Drake size ACCC conductor. A helicopter (Source Helicopters) was used to pull in pilot lines between the structures at ~1,100 ft spans. In addition to crossing two highways, the line also crossed the San Antonio River.

David Pearce and Robert Seekell, two of CTC Global’s Master Installers provided installation support for the ACCC conductor produced by General Cable. AFL provided hardware for the project and Wagner Smith tensioners were used during the installation.

The newly reconstructed line will offer greater capacity, improved reliability and corrosion resistance while also serving to reduce electrical line losses by an estimated 30 percent. Reduced line losses not only reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions, it also frees-up generation capacity that is otherwise wasted. CTC Global applauds AEP’s commitment to building a more robust, resilient and efficient power grid throughout AEP’s service territory.

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