American Electric Power Completes Storm Hardening / Upgrade Project using ACCC® Conductor

Last month American Electric Power completed the latest of several ACCC installations in Corpus Christi, Texas. The 138 kV single phase, single circuit reconductor project was successfully installed and energized using ACCC Lapwing conductor manufactured by General Cable.

North Houston Pole Line of Quanta Services supported the AEP project. David Pearce, one of CTC Global’s Master Installers supported the crews. This particularly challenging installation was completed in just under nine months. In an effort to improve storm resilience, AEP installed new dead-end structures and reinforced bracing on existing tangent structures.

The existing ROW included two major roadways, two underbuilt distribution lines, an underbuilt high voltage transmission line, and close proximity to an international airport.

The field tested and proven resiliency of the ACCC conductor has led to the substantial deployment in storm ridden areas like this all over the world. This project marks AEP’s 16th ACCC conductor deployment since 2006.

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