APAR Completes Several Important ACCC® Projects in India

Apar Industries Ltd, one of CTC Global’s two dozen authorized ACCC conductor manufacturing partners completed several projects in India during the last three months.

The projects include PTCUL’s Roorkee to Mangalore (double circuit line) and Roorkee to Laksar (single circuit) 132 kV projects (11.9 and 27.2 km, respectively) in Uttarakhand, India; MSETCL’s Khapri to Besa and Besa to Pardi 132 kV lines (13.8 km) in Maharashtra, India. MSETCL and PTCUL selected high-capacity ACCC conductor to mitigate grid congestion and improve line efficiency.

Apar provided ACCC Copenhagen conductor to replace existing ACSR Wolf and ACSR Panther size conductors for the Roorkee to Mangalore and Roorkee to Laksar lines, and ACCC Casablanca conductor for the MSETCL projects to replace ACSR Panther.

Each project carried its own unique challenges including aged structures, dense population areas, heavy industrial zones, agricultural regions and wetlands, and several highway, railway and canal crossings. The projects were also completed under very cold and dense fog conditions. The crews completed each project with great success and received accolades from their utility customers.

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