Brookfield Renewable Selects ACCC® Conductor for Challenging Long Span Project in Tennessee

Several months ago, Brookfield Renewables completed a double circuit line upgrade using ACCC® conductor to increase line capacity and replace very old conductors. The project included mountain spans of over 5,000 feet. Two 161 kV circuits were upgraded with ACCC® conductor. ACCC® was also used for the two static lines. Service Electric Company completed the challenging project with the support of CTC Global’s Master Installer, David Pearce. In addition to the project’s long span aspect, its very interesting that these spans were first installed in 1917 and 1926 using specially designed steel reinforced conductors. Today, challenging long span projects like these can use “off-the-shelf” ACCC® Conductors. While this project was briefly mentioned in a previous newsletter, a new article about this project recently appeared in T&D World Magazine (November 2020). Please take a look at the T&D World article: How to Teach an Old Line New Tricks

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