COPEL to Begin Reconductoring 230 kV Double Circuit Londrina to Ibiporã Transmission Line

The energy company of Paraná`s state, COPEL, which owns 28 generation plants, 5,000 MW of installed capacity, 2,794 km of lines and 38 high voltage substations, will begin reconductoring their 230 kV Londrina to Ibipora transmission line in mid November.

The objective of this project is to allow an increase in capacity in the next decade in the northern region of the state of Paraná in Brazil. The 20.3 km double circuit transmission line is being upgraded with Cordoba size ACCC® Conductor to replace existing Drake size ACSR conductor, which will increase line capacity from 570 amps to 879 amps.

The use of high-capacity, low-sag ACCC® Conductor allowed the use of the existing structures, which reduces project cost, environmental impact, permitting challenges, overall project timeframe and the need to acquire new land. CTC Global’s Master Installer, Mr. Edirlei Zacharias, will be on site to support the installation.

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