CTC Global and IMSA Host ACCC Conductor Workshop in South America

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Written by Dave Bryant

May 25, 2018

CTC Global and IMSA held an ACCC Conductor workshop last month to cover all aspects of the high-performance, energy-efficient ACCC conductor.  Topics included the overall improved efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience message; a number of case studies that demonstrated how improved strength and sag can be used to reduce upfront capital costs on new lines; a review of hardware and ancillary components; CTC Global’s CCP design software; and installation methods in varied conditions.

The turnout was very strong and the attendees offered many outstanding questions. All in all, it was a highly productive event. A special thanks go to IMSA’s Fernando Cofman, Jorge Garcia and Patricio Garavaglia, as well as CTC Global’s Carlos Fornazzari and Roberto Aastrup.

If you are interested in having CTC Global provide your organization with a similar event please contact [email protected]

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1 Comment

  1. Ing. Pablo Llobet

    Vinculado al Seminario dictado por el Ing Roberto Aastrup: (Webinar) respecto de la “aplicación de los conductores ACCC® en líneas nuevas”, realizado el día jueves, 02 de julio, solicito me indiquen o me hagan llegar un link/grabación de dicha exposición, que por cierto nos resultó sumamente interesante.

    En particular sobre el análisis de costos comparativos de inversión entre un conductor tradicional AlAc frente a las diferentes variantes con el ACCC y los grandes beneficios que aporta esta tecnología de vanguardia, en la construcción de nuevas líneas eléctricas (132kv).

    Atte, Pablo Llobet -I&D – Proa S.A.


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