CTC Global Attends and Supports Annual NARUC Conference

CTC Global sponsored and attended the 2019 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas November 17-20.

The Annual Meeting and Education Conference convened state and national utility regulators, federal and state policymakers, industry representatives, consumer advocates, informed experts, and other engaged stakeholders. During the four-day conference, general and parallel session panel discussion covered a range of issues across the energy sector.

CTC Global had several discussions with state Commissioners and other interested participants about the opportunity for a state to reduce electric customer’s costs and reduce CO2 emissions by directing electric utilities to include energy efficiency criterion at the project design stage for every transmission or distribution (T&D) capital project.

This policy action when implemented in the utility T&D process will substantially reduce the T&D system losses over time.  This saves energy and capital costs for the electric customers as well as reducing air and water emissions from fossil-fueled power plants.

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