CTC Global Attends EEI 2022 in Orlando, Florida

CTC Global participated in Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) event EEI 2022 this week in Orlando, Florida. EEI 2022 is a top forum for electric industry leaders, soon-to-be leaders, and those who want to learn from the leaders. The event discussed how America’s investor-owned electric companies are working to get the energy they provide as clean as they can, as fast as they can, reliably and affordably. In fast-paced breakouts and keynotes from the big stage, it explored key themes related to delivering resilient clean energy and powering a net-zero economy.

Topics included developing and deploying carbon-free technologies, including hydrogen; powering cryptocurrency with clean energy; ensuring energy equity; managing the risks of climate change, cyber warfare, and geopolitics; as well as delivering on the promise of electric transportation, among many others.

The first day of the event focused on the clean energy challenges and opportunities in the industry. Policy drivers, future technology drivers, wildfire mitigation, hydrogen, and advanced nuclear were all key topics in this discussion. As the shift to clean energy continues across all industries, the energy sector is one of the leading industries making clean energy changes for the future. It was stressed that we need to be moving more quickly to reach net zero goals. ACCC® Conductors can help you cost-effectively achieve your organization’s emission reduction goals.

The second day opening general session included electric companies’ focus on protecting their critical energy infrastructure.  Also discussed was the further electrifying of the transportation sector, as the anticipation for electric vehicles on U.S. roads is projected to reach 26.4 million in 2030. Resilience was a common theme throughout the day and important to the energy infrastructure, especially as EVs, Cryptocurrencies, and new technologies continue to evolve and expand. Resiliency has been a great strength of ACCC® Conductors and has supported the transmission infrastructure with it’s high capacity, efficiency, and reliability.

The last day focused more on clean energy and political support for energy infrastructure, as a law to increase both has recently been passed. The event also highlighted the supply chain dialogue that emphasized the need to bring back more production here to the US. CTC Global is proud to say that we are a US based company, having production facilities in the US and around the world.

CTC Global was excited to attend EEI 2022 and look forward to continue helping utilities modernize the transmission, sub transmission, and distribution networks in the US and around the world.

EEI 2022 EEI 2022 EEI 2022 EEI 2022 EEI 2022

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