CTC Global Co-Sponsors California Energy Summit

CTC Global participated in two panel sessions during the October 28 – 30 California Energy Summit hosted by Infocast. David Townley, Director of Public Policy, participated as a panelist on the topic of “Translating the IRP into Procurement.” The view he brought to the panel discussion was how the GRID can free-up generation capacity by reducing line losses using modern conductors such as the ACCC® Conductor.

Mr. Townley noted that a 30% decrease in T&D system losses would eliminate the need for 1.13 GW of renewable energy capacity and reduce “wasted electricity” by 3.95 GWh per year, that would reduce CO2 emission by nearly one million metric tons per year in California.

Mr. Townley also moderated “Expansion of EIM Capabilities and the Role of Import Resource Adequacy in Meeting CA Energy.” Resource Adequacy (RA) means having enough electricity supply (or demand interruption) to meet the electricity demand. Of course, increasing the efficiency of the GRID, reduces the amount of electricity resources that are needed at any point in time (more of the electricity generated gets delivered to the end-user, as less is lost on the way).


The CTC Global Team also hosted a virtual booth where participants could view a number of CTC Global videos, download information and speak to one of our technical representatives.


If you missed this event we hope to see you at the next one.

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