CTC Global Discusses Grid Enhancing Technologies at NASEO’s 2023 Energy Policy Outlook Conference in Washington, D.C

CTC Global participated in NASEO’s 2023 Energy Policy Outlook Conference on February 7-10 in Washington, D.C. CTC Global displayed an information table at the conference where David Townley, CTC Global’s Director of Public Policy, interacted with the NASEO attendees by providing information, answering questions, and educating attendees on the many benefits of ACCC® Conductors (and advanced conductors more broadly).  He also participated in a breakout session Wednesday afternoon centered around grid enhancing technologies including reconductoring on existing structures for a more resilient and cleaner grid. Anne McDowell, CTC Global’s VP of Commercial Operations and Marketing, also attended and participated in advanced conductor policy discussions with other attendees

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The NASEO Energy Policy Outlook Conference is an annual policy event where top state and federal energy policymakers, private sector leaders, and other change makers from around the country discuss the current policy topics and issues that are being developed. This year’s theme, “Clean Energy Abundance: An Economic and Climate Advantage,” featured in-depth discussions of the critical investments on both the demand-side and the supply-side that are needed for a decarbonized, affordable, and resilient electricity grid, as well as the latest developments from Congress and the Administration.

For more information, please visit the NASEO website.

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