CTC Global Displays at NASEO Annual Meeting

Last month, CTC Global attended NASEO’s Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The event was attended by virtually every U.S. State and Territory Energy Office, where they discussed the latest energy policy, programs and technology developments including many supporting grid modernization.

“State and Territory Energy Offices’ efforts to advance clean energy innovation, energy system resilience, and affordability for consumers and businesses is at the core of most state energy priorities. These issues, along with decarbonization and ambitious economic development goals, add to the challenges and opportunities facing most states. One particular session offered the latest energy policy and program news from State and Territory Energy Offices spanning the breadth of our nation as States rise to the challenge of addressing transformational energy change.”

Another session focused on the need to connect renewable energy resources with energy demand, the push toward electrification, and the growing need for transmission and distribution improvements and enhancements. This session explored various grid resilience measures planned through 40101(d) as well as technological innovations that will enable the U.S. to overcome the challenges in the way of moving toward a clean energy grid.

All in all, it was another outstanding NASEO meeting that served its participants, utilities, and ratepayers well. CTC Global’s David Townley & Peter Brehm attended and were on hand to answer questions about “Advanced Reconductoring.” Pictured is David Townley speaking with NASEO’s Chief of Staff, Ms. Cassie Powers.

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