CTC Global is ‘Walking The Walk’

There is an old expression “Walking the walk or just talking the talk.” Loosely translated, this suggests that while some people are busy talking, others are busy doing. In the case of CTC Global, we are busy doing! Here is this month’s update:

8 ACCC® Installations completed in the last 30 days with 68 currently underway and 73 more scheduled to start soon

That’s a lot more than talk! Why is this happening? Because the ACCC® Conductor delivers the best technical and economic solution for nearly any type or project in any environment. First, its the most highly tested and proven Advanced Conductor commercially available today; Second, Its manufactured by the most experienced ‘long-length’ pultrusion company in the world – strictly to ASTM B-987 Standards (with no excuses); Third, its benefits by far outweigh its slightly higher ‘per meter’ cost. And we can show you how. Please reach out via email to: [email protected] or visit our website at www.ctcglobal.com

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