CTC Global Joins Americans for a Clean Energy Grid and its Members in Submitting Joint Comments to FERC

In an effort to help FERC develop policies to support the development of a modern electric power grid, CTC Global and the members of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid ( ACEG) recently submitted joint comments to FERC, encouraging them to: “Adopt policies to encourage implementation of low-cost, high-benefit new transmission technologies and other methods to improve the operational efficiency the existing transmission system; Expand the integrated transmission grid to access and deliver low-cost energy resources; and (support) Independent operation of the transmission system.”

The submission describes how grid investment and modernization will improve the capacity, efficiency, reliability and resilience of the grid along with several additional economic and environmental benefits. The members of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid, in their joint submission, encouraged FERC to develop new policies and incentives that would also reduce consumer costs; help meet significant emission reduction targets; and improve access to clean renewable generation resources. In particular, the submission encouraged FERC to consider how Advanced Transmission Technologies (such as the use of high-performance ACCC Conductor) can be leveraged to achieve these objectives.

In ACEG’s press release, John Jimison, Executive Director stated: “It is rare to see this breadth of support for grid expansion and modernization from organizations representing multi-state utilities that develop, own, and operate transmission, transmission equipment manufacturers, renewable energy companies, advanced energy technology developers, conservative and environmental non-profit public interest organizations, and major energy-consuming companies.” Mr. Jimison’s statement, in many ways, underscores the significance of the joint FERC submission.

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