CTC Global Participates at the Annual NASEO & NARUC Meetings in Washington DC

In early February, the National Association of State Energy Officers (NASEO) held their 2020 Energy Policy Outlook Conference & Innovation Summit. This year’s focus was on Energy Resilience, Infrastructure and Innovation. CTC Global continued to talk with state energy officers about the potential for a T&D Energy Efficiency Policy that could reduce T&D system losses saving substantial energy costs for electric customers, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing the amount of generating plant required to reliably serve the electric load.

A couple of days later and a few blocks away, CTC Global participated in the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Winter Policy Summit. Continuing with the message of T&D Energy Efficiency Policy and its substantial benefits for electric customers, utilities, and the states, CTC Global talked with several Commissioners, Commission staff, and other NARUC participants.

During the conference, CTC Global was invited to present the T&D Energy Efficiency Policy to the Organization of PJM States, Inc. (OPSI) members. OPSI consists of 13 states plus DC that in-whole or in-part participate in the PJM organized electric market. That presentation, provided to the OPSI members beforehand, was given Friday, February 28th by David Townley, Director of Public Policy for CTC Global. Conference participants had several follow-up questions that were discussed on the call. David offered to help members start the conversation within their state or to participate in a state process as the Commissioners desired.

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