CTC Global Provides ACCC® Installation Training & Support to Help Ensure Your Project’s Success

With nearly 20 years of experience installing ACCC® Conductor in every imaginable environment from the deserts of Qatar to the mountains of Europe, CTC Global’s Master Installers stand ready to support your upcoming ACCC® Conductor installation.

While there are a few differences between composite core conductors and steel core conductors, installing ACCC® is very straight forward and follows IEEE 524 and other industry standards and guidelines.

CTC Global’s Master Installers provide classroom training which covers proper conductor handling, hand’s on dead-end and splice installation procedures and equipment selection, and other elements presented in the ACCC® Installation Manual. CTC Global also offers a range of On Site Services to support ACCC® Conductor Installations in the field For more information please visit: www.ctcglobal.com/installation-support

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