CTC Global Senior Advisor Dr. Ake Almgren Honored as First Guest at EEI’s TENTIL Dialogue

In case you missed it, CTC Global Senior Advisor Dr. Ake Almgren was honored as the first guest at the inaugural Thomas Edison Nikola Tesla Impactful Leadership (TENTIL) Dialogue at Edison Electric Institute’s 6th Global Electrification Forum (GEF). Watch the event video HERE.

The TENTIL Dialogue was established by EEI International Programs to recognize the contributions of leaders of our time who are impacting society, and in particular the electricity sector. The new international platform, where current and retired leaders who have had a significant impact on electricity or adjacent sectors, are invited to share the thought leadership based on their experiences, profession, and life more broadly. Dr. Ake Almgren was chosen to be the first guest to contribute in the TENTIL Dialogue. His leadership and work has truly impacted millions of people. He has been a leader in both large and small organizations in many different countries. He has demonstrated his leadership across the electricity industry,  working in generation, transmission, and distribution. He has held leadership positions at ABB, Capstone Power, and PJM. Dr. Almgren is an engineer and also an entrepreneur and founded Orkas Inc. in 2003, which focuses on new energy technologies. Dr. Almgren holds a PhD in Engineering from Sweden’s Linköpings Tekniska Högskola and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology.

The 6th annual Global Electrification Forum highlighted the actualities of Transitioning to a Sustainable World through a closer look at the bridges, opportunities, barriers, and risks. Through key conversations, panel sessions, fireside chats, and CEO-to-CEO dialogues, this year’s GEF covered a variety of topics including the cross-sectoral transition, geopolitics, supply chains, investment, demographics, innovation, resilience, the psychology of change, and more.

Balancing climate change, energy security, affordability, and acceptability are key to achieving a sustainable transition. Industries and governments are exploring pathways and taking steps to realize their climate ambitions while responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving geopolitics and geoeconomics. The transition is taking shape within various sectors and across rural and urban areas, emphasizing how multiple pathways can lead to a more sustainable future. With electricity as the anchor of modern society, electric companies are playing a pivotal role in supporting these simultaneous transitions in all sectors of society.

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