Endesa & Repsol Energy Select ACCC® Conductor For Key Project in Spain

Realizing the need for improved grid efficiency and increased capacity, Endesa S.A. recently chose ACCC® Linnet size conductor to replace 30 circuit kilometers of an existing 66 kV transmission line. ACCC conductor was used to replace similar sized ACSR conductor on existing steel lattice structures ranging from 14 to 25 meters in height. Span lengths on the relatively flat but corrosive eastern coast of Spain ranged from ~90 to 300 meters.

Grupo Cobra of Spain was the EPC firm responsible for project completion. Project challenges included crossing several highways and the “Ave Train,” the world’s second largest high speed rail network running at nearly 200 mph.

A significant need for increased efficiency, capacity and reliability was recognized by Repsol Energy Company for the ongoing Tarragona Refinery Expansion Project which began back in 1999. Repsol’s facility in Tarragona, north eastern Spain, is a crucial center for European refining operations and currently has a total capacity of about 150,000 barrels per day.

ACCC conductor was chosen not only because of its increased capacity and efficiency, but also its proven reliability in corrosive marine environments over the past 15 years.

CTC Global’s Master Installer, Ismael Dones and Vice President, Europe, Andrea Sacripanti supported crew training and project logistics. Mr. Sacripanti commented: “We are happy to successfully be part of the technological transformation that is changing the face of the energy industry in Spain with low CO2 and fewer line losses.”

CTC Global looks forward to continuing to serve the European market and help improve transmission line efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience on a global scale.

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