Engineering Transmission Lines with High Capacity Low Sag ACCC® Conductors

In 2011, CTC Global first published: “Engineering Transmission Lines with High Capacity Low Sag ACCC® Conductors.” While updates will be published in early 2020, many people find it to be a very useful resource as it is.

The purpose of the document is to offer engineering and design guidelines specific to the use of ACCC Conductors on electrical transmission lines so their electrical, mechanical, and cost attributes and benefits can be fully realized.  While some of the discussion contained in the Manual may be considered academic or basic to experienced transmission engineers, much of the material is included so the ACCC Conductor’s substantial differences and attributes can be discovered, understood, and put into appropriate context as it relates to a number of performance and design criteria.

It is intended that the material presented is useful for both the experienced transmission community as well as for those who may not be engaged in projects on a regular basis, or for those who might be relatively new to the task.  As a number of topics discussed in this document are highly complex, certain aspects may be beyond its scope, however an extensive number of references are provided for additional review.

If you would like an electronic copy of this 250 page document simply click ENGINEERING MANUAL LINK

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