Enlit Africa 2024 | The Future of Energy in Africa

Last week, Enlit Africa once again took center stage in Cape Town, South Africa. With more than 250 exhibitors and 180 expert speakers, the event served as a gathering point for industry leaders and energy professionals dedicated to fostering positive change in the energy sector and sharing solutions shaping the energy landscape. Among them, CTC Global stood as a returning exhibitor, represented by Carl Ulrich, Ephraim Maina, Marv Sepe and Wynand De Lange (not shown), showcasing our grid solutions.


This year, the event centered around four key themes critical to the future of energy:

-Building Energy Capacity and Resilience

-Mapping the Just Energy Transition

-A Future in Renewable Energy

-Unlocking Finance and Investment


Keynote Highlights


Day One of the conference was dedicated to exploring the future of energy in Africa. Speakers spoke about pressing issues, innovative solutions, and the evolution of both traditional and new energy sources. A key topic was “Catalyzing a Sustainable Transition,” which explored the path to a more sustainable energy landscape.


Day Two shifted focus to the business aspects of the energy transition, highlighting the crucial role African companies play in shaping the future energy transition. Topics like creating a resilient, smart, and connected grid provided invaluable insights into the strategic directions needed for a swift transition.


Key Takeaways


A prevailing theme throughout the conference was the global urgency for an energy transition and its specific implications for Africa. Notably, the Director of the UNDP Regional Service Center for Africa, Matthias Naab, highlighted the severe underfunding for climate needs in African countries, with only 2% of global financing reaching the continent. This is particularly critical given that 30 of the 40 most vulnerable countries to climate change are in Africa.


Looking Ahead


As we reflect on the insights gained from Enlit Africa 2024, it is evident that significant work lies ahead in driving the global energy transition we aspire to see. Innovation and collaboration will be instrumental in meeting energy demands while fostering an equitable energy transition for all. We are motivated to continue leveraging our expertise to drive progress and look forward to continuing this important dialogue at Enlit Africa 2025.




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