First ACCC AZR® Installation In Europe Underway

Installation began in May 2020 on the first major project in Europe featuring ACCC AZR Conductor, CTC Global’s new conductor variant featuring the use of AT3 alloy for exceptional wind/ice performance.

TenneT Netherlands had a need to upgrade their 110kV network in the Groningen area. CTC looked at a number of variants to cater for the high wind loads in this area. A strong desire of TenneT was to “standardize” on a common conductor profile for existing and planned projects on both 110 and 380 kV networks, which led to the selection of ACCC AZR Warsaw size conductor. The finished conductor for this project was stranded by Midal at their Bahrain facility.

Additionally, CTC Global is providing Field Service Support for the two sub-projects using ~220 km of ACCC Conductor, which include spanning a busy industrial area and a water crossing. Installation of the double circuit line is expected to continue throughout 2020, with one small section due in 2021.

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