Gupta Power & OPTCL Complete ACCC® Conductor Upgrade in Odisha, India

Under very challenging Covid-19 circumstances, Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited completed their 1st ACCC® Reconductoring project for Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (OPTCL) in a short timeframe. OPTCL selected 540 kcmil (273.7 mm^2) Casablanca size ACCC Conductor manufactured by Gupta Power for their 16.4 circuit kilometer 132/220/400 kV Mendhasal substation to Khurda 33/132 kV Substation reconductor project. The upgraded line, which replaced ~40 year old ACSR Panther size conductor allows an increase in capacity to serve an industrial zone of the Khurda district situated near Odisha’s capital city, Bhubaneswar, as well as providing power to the East Coast Railway.

Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited (OPTCL) is one of the largest transmission utilities in Eastern India and one of the first Utilities in India to leverage ACCC® Conductors and other modern grid technologies. The project used the existing steel lattice structures – without modification – with spans of approximately 320 meters. The reconductor project included two major highway crossings. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. completed project engineering and provided installation services. CTC Global Certified Master Installers Mr. R.Vasanthakumar, TEEMS India & Mr. Bapi Ghosh, Gupta Power provided training and installation support. Hardware for the project was provided by the TAG Corporation and crews used pulling equipment manufactured by ZECK (Germany), TESMEC (Italy) and OMAC (Italy). This was the 3rd ACCC® Project commissioned by OPTCL.

The Indian Institute for Production Management also carried out an Infrared Thermography Inspection of the connection devices and conductors after the line was energized.

CTC Global congratulates OPTCL, Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. and all of the other project participants for a job well done.

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