Have You Ever Used ACCC® Conductors? If not, why not?

When asked “Have you ever used ACCC® Conductor?” Many engineers simply say “no” or “we are thinking about a pilot project.” Maybe you have heard that “the stuff is hard to install.” CTC Global would like you to take a closer look. ACCC® Conductor has been installed successfully at over 1,100 projects in 64 countries in every imaginable environment from the deserts of Qatar to the jungles of Brazil to the Mountains of China. Sure, we have learned a few lessons but CTC Global brings that experience and know-how to every ACCC Installation. We have more than 50 highly experienced ACCC® Master Installers that stand ready to help you complete your most challenging installations successfully with proven methods that have been developed over 15 years!

For added peace of mind, CTC Global also offers the ACCC InfoCore® System that uses optical fibers embedded in the composite core to provide inspection capability. Using a sending unit and receiver, linemen with 15 minutes of training, can check the integrity of the composite core before, during and after installation. Using the InfoCore® System is not required, but CTC Global believes in innovation and bringing customers the best of what technology has to offer.

To learn more, please email [email protected] or visit www.ctcglobal.com

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