How Utilities Are Leveraging ACCC® Conductor Technology to Achieve Their Emission Reduction Initiatives

Initially deployed to increase the capacity and reduce thermal sag on highly congested transmission lines, the ACCC® Conductor is also being widely deployed to help meet emission reduction initiatives. The ACCC Conductor’s lightweight composite core enables the use of nearly 30% more conductive aluminum which reduces electrical resistance and line losses by 25 to 40% or more. Reduced line losses serve to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions.

In many parts of the world, financial institutions such as Asian Development, World Bank, and others are funding transmission projects where the ACCC® Conductor is being deployed – not only to help deliver more power to support economic development – but also to leverage the line loss reductions and efficiency aspects of the ACCC® Conductor, which are helping them achieve their emission reduction mandates.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some very impressive examples that demonstrate how this is working both in and outside of the United States. Please stay tuned and thanks for following CTC Global.

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