Iberdrola Completes ACCC® Conductor Installations for CFE in Sinaola Mexico

To support Iberdrola’s new combined cycle natural gas electric power plant and adjacent 230 kV substation, Iberdrola, with the help of Grupo Grytsa and El Roble Construction, completed the installation of 47 kilometers of Drake size ACCC Conductor on the new double-circuit, double-bundled 230 kV Topolobampo transmission line and 230 kV substation at Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico.
ACCC Conductor for the project was provided by Conductores Monterrey (Viakon) and hardware was supplied by PLP Mexico. CTC Global’s Master Installers Sergio Rojas and Ismael Dones provided installation support along with Eduardo Reyna from Viakon.
Iberdrola’s new power plant will produce roughly 665 MW, which will help CFE accommodate growing demand for electric energy in the region. ACCC® Conductor Installations will help ensure reliability and efficiency in the coming years.

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