ISA CTEEP Completes Another Successful ACCC Conductor Installation in Brazil

With the support of contractor Medral Electrical Engineering Services, ISA CTEEP successfully completed the 138kV Bertioga II – Vicente de Carvalho reconductor project located in Guarujá, Brazil

ISA CTEEP selected ACCC® Linnet for the project because of challenging mountain crossings, multiple angles over 30º, and elevation changes differences around 184 meters between structures. Construction was completed in just 46 days and the line was energized on day 47.

Due to substantial environmental restrictions, the crew was required to perform a continuous stringing of 3500 meters and carry conductor reels to the top of the mountain using an excavator machine. Additionally, the project included a structure with a 34º angle and a span of 720 meters mountain top to mountain top.

The ACCC conductor for the project was provided by Centelsa, and Forjasul provided ancillary hardware.

CTC Global’s master installer Ismael Dones provided training and certification to 23 total crew members. All material was provided and presented in Portuguese.

The project was completed well ahead of schedule and ISA CTEEP decided to make an investment for another project directly after its completion.

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